Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Let Try This Again, Shall We?

The baby is not a baby anymore...and I've had a lot change in the last three years - I think its time to breath some life into this little page and see what pops!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

It jumped out!

Ru loves gum. I mean really, loves gum. Adam will now beg for a pice of "dum?". I always give him the talk. Chew it, don't swallow it, and KEEP it in your MOUTH! If I see it out of your mouth, I will take it! Today I look back and he has it stuck on the middle of his car seats harness. So i reach back to take it; prompting him to exclaim "whoops, it jumped out!! jump back in!" Needless to say it did not jump back in, and Adam lost his gum chewing privileges for the day.  

Friday, January 18, 2013

iPad test run

So I'm just sitting here in my dark room,, really, I'm sitting here in Ruthie's dark room waiting for her to get to sleep and I started thinking about this poor neglected blog and how i should see how easy/hard it is to post from Ru's iPad.  If its easy I should start updating much more regularly! I'm just wondering how I will get the pics up....maybe type it out and then add the photos on my laptop later?  Something's gotta give.  FB is getting on my last nerve and I'm gonna need a better outlet soon. Here's hoping!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Hello Again!

It has been over a year since I have updated this little gem. Now, in my defense I did have a third child and start homeschooling. Some days we are doing great to have showered, NOT had Micky Ds and have cracked a book. The days just seem taken up with changing diapers, providing food for the three littles and a  hard working husband and keeping them all in clean clothes. That being said, things are starting to iron out around here and I feel the need to rejuvenate this little corner of the web that "belongs" to me. :)
Here's hoping!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


So our family ( and by family I mean 12 of us) took a trip to the old country. And by old county I mean Jamaica. We had a blast and ate all sorts of great food. Jerk chicken, stew peas, seafood fritters, ox tail, rice and peas, patties, Escovitch fish, and more fruit than you can shake a stick at! While it was supper tasty, when we got home I was all set to stock up on "home" food! The kids got sick a few days after we got home but we had 4 days to enjoy them and home and cooking before it was illness battle stations. The pot of chili I cooked up made me very happy and I was able to eat an old favorite -chili dogs! For 3 days....:)another treat has been this brie roll that I got from good old Publix! I even like the rind. I've been slicing off little rounds and broiling them on rounds of French bread with slices of pear. Yum yum! I ve been countering these goodies with green smoothies and homemade carrot apple juice.

This Sunday is the thanksgiving dinner at our chapel, and I've signed up to bring sweet potatoes. I really hope the kids are well enough to go! Other wise I'll be sending my dish with Conrad.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wal-Mart Might Be Good For Something After All!

Guess who sent her husband to Walmart for a portable DVD player and ended up getting a lap top instead!?? ME!!! After months of bumming internet time from my Ru's iPad I've got my own lap top again! With a built in web cam!( Lee Lee!!! SKYPE!!!!) The iPad is great for Ru - and we could skype  on there - but she was always twisting it and you saw more of the ceiling fan then you did of her face. ;o)

The new lappy is just a cheep Compaq with a very loud keyboard but its got one! :o) and it runs on windows and is FLASH compatible. That was driving me batty with the ipad!

So, enough about that - but happy happy joy joy!

Gotta go change Mr. Man. Its a morning of stinkies around here!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Publix Run?

This family uses up Pancake syrup like normal families consume milk! And with everyone having been sick for something like the past month we have gone through the Gatorade mix like water, as well!
I really need to get to the store soon or we are gonna be down to Top Ramen and canned tomato paste.